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    A cyborg digital art & photo manipulation

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    not human

    At the end of human era⁣ we all become cyborgs.⁣ This is definitely still one of the most time-consuming images I've ever created. With a total of about 8 (rather more) hours of image processing. I used my strategy here too: When I got stuck, I put the picture aside and took it out again after a few weeks. So step by step it took about 9 months until I had a final result. 9 months, 8 hours, that sounds totally unexciting. But every single minute of image editing and manipulation was an adventure.


    Title: "Not Human" Self-Portrait, digital art & photo manipulation. Started in October 2019, finished in June 2020. Anyone interested in following my work and creative processes can find me on Instagram.

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    In the following video you can see a speed edit of the whole image process from start to finish. I reduced the 8 hours to 13 minutes:

    Speed Editing Video


    Welcome image


    I'm a self portrait, photo artist & graphic designer living in Germany. I've been creating for over 14 years. My area of work is the creation of conceptual, experimental and artistic portraits, mainly self-portraits, visualized and elaborated with my camera and various image processing programs. I am also experimenting a lot with different visual effects like projector, different lights, smoke machine, wind machine, bodypainting, blacklights, mirrors and many more.


    Whoever deals with my work enters a world filled with profound darkness, color and light. You can also find a kind of drama or melancholy in my images, but eventually that is up to the viewer. I hope you enjoy my art.


    Cameras I use: Nikon D750, Sigma 50mm 1.4. Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM