Portrait: Storm

Storm by Sabine Fischer
Here’s the end result of „Storm“, captured in 2012 as client work. Besides her face Laura has such beautiful hairs and I felt forced to use my wind machine here. The wind machine is a great way to create movement in a picture. It is very useful if you take enough photos especially during the wind time. In the end you’ll have many many different pictures and moods to choose from.

I did here a lot of post processing. First of all I added more volume to the hair with the help of the Liquify Tool in Photoshop. I simply took everything I missed and needed from the many other images I captured of her during wind time. Such as for the nice and soft wisp of hair on the left of her head – for this I used the Warp Tool. The hairs on her chest are also taken from another image and then transformed with the Warp Tool to get it in place.

You see – not everything can be captured like we would love to see it in the end result of a picture. Every image can be enhanced or changed with the help of editing software which is perfect for the vision of an artist. Many artists try to make everything perfect for the shooting – background, make-up, hair, outfit/costume – which I also like and adore when I see photos such as Kristy Mitchell’s. She’s an artist with much energy and creativity – every other artist envies her for this qualities. But for me her kind of photography is the highest form of ‚creating‘ for which I simply have not enough energy and will.

I love to create my images like I do and I like the evolvement of my style through the past years. I hope there will be much more images I can show you in the next years!

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